It is common that Oil and Gas producing wells become older over time and requires regular maintenance to sustain production through out the well life time. Well Services is a bundle of such services that is pivotal in ensuring wells are well maintained for operations.

RAY Oil and Gas - Well Service Department was established in 2010 with the award of first contract from Occidental Oman in the South of Oman that called for mobilizing five 540HP Workover Rigs within one year after award.

Since then, RAY Oil and Gas has been operating under the same contract adding two more rigs operating in the North.

Currently, our Workover rigs fleet consists of :

  • Five 540HP Workover Rigs
  • One 650HP Workover Rig
  • One 750HP Workover Rigs

Covering the following Scope of Work :

  • Running & Pulling production strings
  • Conducting heavy duty fishing operations
  • Supporting periodical well integrity tests
  • Supporting other well intervention operations beyond standalone accessibility