Our Credo

The Group endorses the doctrine of business ethics. Every person in the Group is hailed as champion of Group’s priced values :


RAY practices Honesty, Integrity and Transparency in all aspects of business and this is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organization.

We strive to prevent exploitation and to preserve the integrity of the Group


RAY Group of Companies is ISO, OHSAS certified and every business establishment is committed to the virtue of Quality. Every product that we offer is assured to be fit for the purpose.

We make all efforts to deliver our produce with finesse, reliability, maintainability and sustainability


In RAY’s Corporate Governance, Accountability plays an important role. It is not just the acknowledgment of responsibility for actions but it also implies the obligation of every individual to maintain consistency in performance and to be aligned with the Organizational objectives.

We endeavor to complete the tasks assigned to us and perform the duties reposed in our hands, responsibly and with dedication, to fulfill the goals of the organization.


The Group staunchly advocates its motto “Innovative Always”. Creating Value for the Customers through generating new ideas and then converting them in to products/solutions to meet and exceed the expectation of the customers is what makes RAY Group stand apart in a class of its own.

We believe in technology advancement and dynamic innovation which gives us a cutting edge over the rest of the world.


The most vital attribute that the Group possesses is Persistence. It encourages staff to never give up, rise up against and above all odds till we succeed. Look up in the face of adversity and pursue goals unfazed is the dictum of the Group.

We persist until we succeed because persistence is Success


The fundamental principle which has made the Group a success story is the faith in team work. The Group has clear, logical objective which is cascaded to every individual in the organization. With clear understanding of the role, effective processes and excellent communication emerge powerful teams that finally give exceptional results.

We value teamwork. We are one drop individually but together we make a mighty Ocean.


In RAY, “Safety is First” is not just a slogan but it is a way of life. The Management as well as the staff has set goals around health and safety and then they work in tandem as a team to achieve them. Health and safety in the workplace is at the fore front in everyone’s minds.

We pledge to live safe and to be safety conscious which can help save thousands of lives and protect us, our Company, assets and our environment.


The sense of belonging and mutual trust that every member experiences in RAY is the true success of RAY Group. Every new colleague who has joined the Group is offered a warm welcome and freedom to operate in a work focused atmosphere. People are the most valuable assets who have contributed to the growth of RAY Group by and large.

We belong in RAY Group and we have faith in us to face tomorrow confidently and to build a better future for one and all in RAY family. We are the RAY Family.