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Transformer Oil filtration

The oil, besides acting as a dielectric barrier, also carries the heat way. On the other hand, it absorbs water and gases from the atmosphere and solid insulation ageing products during service, resulting in a considerable decrease in its break down voltage, insulation resistance and increase in dielectric loss factor. Even commercial oil is seldom sufficiently pure for direct use in high voltage equipment, being subject to contamination in transport containers and liable to absorb unacceptable quantities of moisture and air because of contact with atmosphere.

Filtration of the oil eliminates: Solid impurities, Free and dissolved water, Free and dissolved gases. By degassing, de-watering and filtration breakdown voltage of the insulating oil can be substantially increased. RAY international equipped with 6000 L/P capacity onsite mobile filtration plant.

Lube Oil filtration/ Varnish Removal

Lube oil is the life-blood of an engine. It is essential for reducing friction, cooling engine components and carrying wear material and foreign debris to the filter. If contamination generated by the engine is not filtered out, abrasive material will build up and rapidly wear out the moving parts of the engine.

Oil is a major cost in the ongoing maintenance of an engine. Prolonging the life of the oil and minimising the impact of wear-causing particles are the obvious goals of the filtration system. Yet improving profitability is one of the major advantages of a healthy lubrication system.

By efficiently removing the particles that cause wear in an engine, your engine oil can last longer and therefore require less frequent oil changes (and less labour required for servicing). This translates to more uptime and more revenue.

Our Varnish Removal Systems (VRS) were developed to address the need to properly remove varnish (also known as lacquer, sludge, or tar) commonly found in various lubrication and hydraulic systems. Our process utilizes either granular adsorbent media or depth media filter elements to effectively remove dissolved and suspended oil degradation products (i.e. the cause of varnish). Varnish removal is accomplished with oxidatively stable media, engineered to selectively remove only the varnish-causing contaminants without disturbing the oil’s additive package.

Transformer Oil Regeneration

Regeneration is the restoration of used oil to virgin oil specifications, or even higher. RAY International onsite mobile regeneration systems have a reactivation feature which enables special environmental friendly media to be reused several hundred times before recharging the system with new media. Our optimized regeneration system uses dual banks of regeneration columns which provide for continuous operation of the system by regenerating oil in one bank while reactivating the media in the other bank.

Regeneration is the greenest technology offered today and it is a revolution in the oil filtration industry where the resultant savings for the user in terms of investment and oil is enormous.

Onsite Leak Repair Services

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RAY international provides onsite leak repair services for Transformers, Oil-Filled Equipmets. Our leak repair service features includes :

  • Quick plugging action - fast-cure putty that stops oil seepage,
  • Permanent seal - A 2-part paste overcoat forms a permanent seal.
  • Durable - Finished seal is impervious to water, oil and weather.
  • Fast - System can plug and seal active leaks in minutes.
  • Saves money - Faster than welding. Transformer may stay in service.
  • Simple - Eliminates "bagging" or removal from field and unexpected outages.

Onsite Transformer repair , Gasket replacement

Home / After Lab Services / Onsite Transformer repair , Gasket replacement "In addition to the Oil Analysis, RAY provide a complete Transformer Service solutions for almost any manufacturer's units worldwide including installation, maintenance, relocation, testing and engineering assessments :

  • Oil processing, dry outs and retrofits;
  • On site repairs includes Gasket Replacement, Oil Leak arresting and Rust Conversion Coating
  • Corrective and preventative maintenance;
  • Load tap changer field retrofits and repairs.

With several mobile vacuum oil purification units and several pieces of auxiliary equipment, RAY maintains one of the largest fleets of specialized transformer service equipment in the Sultanate of Oman.

This large, modern equipment base along with our vast number of skilled personnel located strategically across the country, allow us greater flexibility, faster response times, reduced installation hours and lower costs while helping us provide efficient, safe and high quality service to our customers".