Drilling EPC

We are recognized and acclaimed ‘Drilling Contractor’ for the last 12 years, engaged in carrying out Top Hole Drilling, Pole hole Drilling, Earth/Stay Hole Drilling, Deep Well / Water Well Drilling, Cathodic Protection Well Drilling, Tower foundation Drilling and Solar Foundation Drilling.

We have undertaken and completed critical projects for PDO, OXY, OOCEP & Tatweer Petroleum (Bahrain) Contractors.

We execute the following type of Drilling Activities :

  1. Pole hole / Stay Hole / Guard pole / Wooden Pole drilling (400mm / 600mm/ 800mm / 900mm dia, Upto 5 meters depth)- DTH method
  2. Earth/Deep hole / Water Well drilling (100mm to 150mm dia, upto 300 meter depth) (DTH & Rotary)
  3. Tower Foundation drilling (600/800/900 mm dia - upto15 meters depth) - DTH method
  4. Conductor Hole, Rat / Mouse Hole Drilling (600/800/900 mm dia - upto15 meters depth) - DTH method
  5. Cathodic Protection Well (200mm dia – 300 Meter depth, 300mm dia – 300 Meter Depth) (DTH & Rotary)
  6. Solar Foundation Drilling (200 mm dia to 400 mm dia- Upto 3 Meters Depth) (DTH method)