About us


"We believe in building and investing in human capital while constantly delivering the highest standard in services and products within Oman, GCC and across the globe. With over 15 distinct nationalities working within the group we recognize the need for strengthening the local youth by developing their skills through on job training programs and exclusive skills evaluation and development techniques.

We stand for team work and we encourage all our employees to deliver their best by providing equal opportunities on equal platform for professional growth and progress."

Dr. Tahir Bin Ibrahim Al Kindi - RAY International Group Chairman is a name of acclaim in the Oman Educational and Commercial sector. With a doctorate degree to his credit, he is a veteran entrepreneur with 30 years of business experience. He is also sitting member on the Board of many leading business organizations.

"We, at RAY, constantly strive for excellence in every domain of our expertise thereby rendering the most comprehensive line of innovative business solutions and services for Oman and worldwide.

Our efficient responsiveness to the customer concerns helps us identify the niche areas in the market which has given us a cutting edge for rapid growth within the two decades of our operations.

The vision of the group is to become the preferred brand name in the corporate world as reliable and efficient service provider in the areas of Energy and Oil and Gas."

The Managing Director of the Group Mr. Tameem Bin Saif Al Mahrouqi qualifies for the title of a sterling businessman of Oman. An entrepreneur by legacy, he is a graduate in Business Administration and Accounting and is endowed with abundance of business acumen and insight.

"In today's challenging times where every business is wrought up by financial liabilities, the oil price is unpredictable and unstable, Country's economy itself is shaken up owing to the turbulence everywhere, it is indeed a challenge not just to manage a growing business but also to position it at the pinnacle of success and growth.

In RAY Group, we have survived every storm and rainfall with determination, clear vison and foresight. Our planning, agility and grit are the contributory success factors thrusting us forward in the business realm.

We live by our motto "Innovative Always""

Mr. Abdulrazzaq Al Zakwani is the Executive Director on the RAY International Board. A known persona in the Oil and Gas industry, he is no doubt a feather to the cap in the Group, setting high standards in business and services. His long vision and strategic intent helps the Group to structure itself on a sound and viable platform, in critical areas of business management and financial stability.