Tubing Conveyed Perforation

Perforation services is a means to open bathe for well production from the pay zone after completing the well with casing and cementing. The usage of shaped charged explosives is meant to penetrate the metal casing and cement layer covering the pay zone and connect it with the production string.

Perforating gun can be deployed by Wireline Cables, but the first introduction for Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP) is to deploy the guns on the same production string to save time. Then the utilization is extended to cover highly deviated or horizontal wells and also wells that require long perforating intervals.

RAY Oil and Gas - TCP Services was initiated in 2017 with the contract awarded by Petroleum Development of Oman - the first National Company to penetrate this scope of work contractually, competing and pitching in the market with known International players. We currently hold 50% of TCP market share in Oman.

We provide the following services :

  • Under Balance Perforation
  • Over Balance Perforation
  • Multi-Zone TCP Perforation
  • Shot & Drop Perforation