Accurate data is a crucial element in decision making, especially with respect to Oil & Gas operating companies. It defines the feasibility of each project and the selection of reservoir development plans.

Wireline logging is the key service that collects data from new and existing wells - data which will determine the future plan and remedy solutions to sustain or increase production.

RAY Oil and Gas - Wireline Services was established in 2012 with the first contract from Occidental Oman, in the South of Oman, specialized in monitoring steam injection wells’ performance and the corresponding producing wells. During the life time of the contract, we conducted more than 7,000 successful jobs meeting client expectations.

In 2017, RAY Oil and Gas was awarded Wireline Logging contract by Petroleum Development of Oman, the only National company identified during the tendering process. In 2020, RAY Oil and Gas was awarded Wireline Logging contract by Occidental Oman covering all blocks in North and South, thus taking the company to business heights, holding the largest market share for Wireline Logging services, contract - wise.

Currently, we operate 8 wireline Logging packages and 2 Slickline Packages with 3 major operating companies in Oman, providing the following services :

  • Cased Hole Wireline Logging
  • Open Hole Wireline Logging
  • Wireline Perforating
  • Pipe Recovery
  • Slickline