Well Placement Services / Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

Oil & Gas well drilling started with Rotary Drilling Mechanism, where the rotational force was initiated from the drilling rig and transferred to the drilling bit via drill pipes. With deeper and complicated well trajectories growth, mud motors was introduced to set the rotational force as close as to the drilling bits. This has opened a new horizon for other services like Measurement while Drilling (MWD), Logging while Drilling (LWD), Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS), and Geo-Steering Systems.

RAY Oil and Gas - Well Placement Services was established in 2016 with the award of the first contract from Petroleum Development of Oman.

We are experts in providing the following services :

  • Standard Mud Motors
  • High Temperature Mud Motors
  • Measurement while Drilling (MWD)
  • Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS)
  • Logging while Drilling (LWD)
  • Geo-Steering Systems

Under well placement RAY has four main services :

  • Performance drilling in shallow and deep wells.
  • Directional drilling services.
  • Logging while drilling services.
  • Rotary Steerable System (RSS) services.

Since 2017 lots of milestone and records has been achieved by RAY team. For example we list the following records :

  • RAY is the first local company implementing rotary steerable tool (RST) competing with the big four international companies
  • Manal-2, Drilled 8 3/8 section in two Runs only, Planed AFE 32.5 days & actual 23.65 Days (saving 8.85 days).
  • MBR-52, Drilled longest Run with Bico Motor 8 3/8 section from 3,288m to 4, 861m Total 1,573m, 311hrs circulation & 365 Ops hrs.
  • SR NW-2, 8 3/8" section, Plan 36 Days & actual 24.86 Days (saving 11.14 Days).

“RAY Well Placement Innovative Always”